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LEGO models under development

Please visit the Danish version of this document. It is currently the only updated version.

Here: [Planned]

Planned models

[Polar base] [Rolling apartment] [Space ship Excalibur]

Space ship Excalibur

Excalibur is planned to look a bit like it's name brother, and to be at least as dangerous to it's enemies.

The body should be long, and the cross section should be diamond shaped.

The hangar onboard should have space for Ryu (this should give an idear of the minimum dimensions). My experiments indicates that the body should be at least 240 LU wide, 120 LU high and at least 1,500 LU long. I just happen not to have enough bricks for that.

Polar Base

Rolling apartment

The rolling apartment is a kind of wild idea, where I intend to build a complete LEGO house (pool, kitchen, ...) in a block of train cars. I've found out that 60 LU wide cars are slightly more realistic than 30 LU wide cars (as we buy them from LEGO), but it does still impose an unusual constraint on the construction.

Drawing for the connection between two cars.


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13th of July 2007