The Tidal Delta and The Seafarers

Here are some ideas for a new LEGO theme. Originally I got the idea for this theme back in the previous century (1995). The cultures in this theme are described in terms of their energy and food sources.

Tidal Delta

A society in a tidal delta. Lots of water. Tides covering and uncovering areas. The people there lives in cities built in trees in the swamp. They are fishermen and alligator hunters.


The city:
A few trees built in a style similar to the Robin Hood sets, but with more mangrove like roots. Cottages built in the trees. Hanging bridges connects the trees.
Alligator hunt:
An alligator. (Can they be built from plates and bricks? Or are we stuck with the molded ones?) One or two boats with hunters with spears.

The Seafarers

The Seafarers (there has to be a better word for this) is inspired by some east asian societies. They are living their whole lives on boats. Fishing and trading, as they move from place to place. The boats should be of a reasonable size to house a family. Something like 12 by 36 knobs. My problem here is how to make smaller sets. Maybe some small fishing boats.

On their travels The Seafarers will occassionally pass by the Tidal Delta.


House/tent (see the roman theme). Open fire for cooking (a 2*2 black cylindrical plate with a clear red 1*1 cone). Mast and sail (I prefer to use paper for this). Fishing equipment.
Small rowing boat, bringing water out to the visiting Seafarers.
Trading place:
Rowing boat(s). Pier (just a short wooden bridge) where the boats can land. A cottage of some sort (round!!!).


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Jacob Sparre Andersen <>.
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