Distributed image gallery

Now that the popular LEGO image archive Brickshelf has discontinued its valuable service, it may be time to rethink how we manage the publication of images of LEGO models on the web. I think there are two main lessons we can learn from Brickshelf:


I have tried to see what I can come up with of requirements/wishes for a new LEGO image publication system:



System administrator

Implementation ideas


If enough nodes join the network, the cost for each participant may become insignificant. If people should pay for the operation of the network, I would suggest that publishers should be allowed to pay to make their images get a higher priority in the fight for bandwidth when people download them. Similarly should readers be allowed to pay for getting higher priority when downloading images.


Does this sound completely wrong? Or am I on the right track? Do you have some additional requirements? Or just some comments?

There is more to read on Distributed LEGO image archive/gallery.


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Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk>.
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