X-Wing Fighter

[Downloadable image]

[Design and graphics: Derrick S. Ginter]

This model is minifig scale, and features movable/lockable X-Foils, retractable landing gear, working ejection seat, torpedo bay, cargo bay, nose radar, and emergency survival gear behind the cockpit. This design does not include an R2 unit (yet!) as I only recently created a minifig scale R2 that I liked, and no, it is not a trashcan! [See David J. Oakes' R2D2] The instructions to build it take 48 steps, and, <gasp> does require a few parts to be permanently bonded (superglued) in order for it to work.

This is a representative file showing basically what my Lego X-Wing looks like. I do have other files showing the fuselage, but they do not include the wings. This picture does show all the major elements of the X-Wing, the engines, the cockpit, the wings, and at least 1 of the laser cannons.


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Latest update: 13th of July 2007