T.I.E. Interceptor

A part of the Star Wars and LEGO pages at http://lego.sparre-andersen.dk/Ydre_rum/Star_Wars/

Design and graphics by Derrick S. Ginter (dsginter@llano.net).

Derrick's comments

This is the first of pictures showing building instructions to make my Star Wars T.I.E. Interceptor LEGO model. The pictures are made in "Paintbrush" (a simple bitmap drawing program for MS-Windows). The model is minifig scale, and I tried the best color-scheme of parts I had available.

Building instructions

[Step 1]

[Step 2]

[Step 3]

[Step 4]

[Step 5]

[Step 6]

[Step 7]

[Step 8]

[Step 9]

[Step 10]


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