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[Downloadable image]

[Design and photo: David J. Oakes ]


Cut megaphone column off just above handle (handle and cone remain connected). Insert sword handle into megaphone at column (not cone end). Insert sword, top first, into trashcan handles until the handles on the megaphones touch the bottom of the can (make sure they are turned to the inside of the can). Some of the sword may stick out above the handle, and need to be removed (it is easiest to put it through, mark it, and cut it off after removing the sword). I painted all the parts sepearately, but it can be painted after construction in place of glue (heck, i didnt even glue them - I wanted the trashcan lid removable to reenact the barge scene from RotJ).

Derrick S. Ginter has another suggestion for a R2 unit that you can compare with this one.


Please send feedback to me (David is off the 'Net at the moment) .

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