Star Wars LEGO minifigs

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David J. Oakes posted these instructions for making Star Wars mini-figures to the Usenet news group I have inserted pictures of the mini-figures in the text.

LEGO CAD on Linux
I have written a guide to installing and using LDGLite for viewing building instructions on Linux.

(note - the following instructions include sandpaper, paint, one knife, some superglue, and numerous LEGO dismemberment. LEGO purists and those with weak hearts should hit "n" now...)

Star Wars minifigs - Luke, Leia, Han, C3PO, R2D2, Ben and Vader (the two pictures are links to larger versions).

You will need:

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When dismembering LEGO figures, remove one leg at a time, pressing perpendicular to the pelvis from the inside, wiggling as little as possible. it helps to exchange legs one at a time so you can hold onto a leg rather than a naked pelvis peg. To remove the arm, rotate it so the hand is just past the back (looking inside, you will see that the notch in the arm joint is now at the bottom), and pull the arm straight out from the body, using the shoulder as a pivot point. Slight but constant pressure directly across from the joint peg (arm or leg) should put the limb back on.

When painting, roughing up the LEGO with sandpaper beforehand makes a more even coat and a stronger bond. many thin layers dry better than one full coat. Let dry at least two days before putting the parts back together. The acrylic seems to dry better than the enamel, and wears better.

The instructions for the individual figures (with pictures) are in these documents:

Thats it, the basics of a Star Wars LEGO set. I am still working on a chewebacca fig, but it is hard since all figs are the same scale. some people have mentioned to my wife they are trying to build tie fighters and x-wings to scale. hopefully they will post their instructions as well. and we hope to have pictures uploaded to earthsea in a week or so.

dave "may the force be with you!" oakes

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