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[Design and photo: David J. Oakes ]

brown torso, brown arms (i used a wolfpack and found arms somewhere, but city has a full brown bomber jacket), two (2) brown 1x2 flats, one (1) brown 1x2 brick (lots of extras if you put saddles on your horses), brown cowl (wolfpack), old head (ice planet guy), neon antenna (i would have liked blue, but could only get red from the "antennas and control sticks" accessory pack.) remove chest decor if needed, place the flats on the bottom of the brick, and place the brick under the torso. (the flats at the bottom look more like the rumpled bottom of a cloak, rather than putting the in the middle) put the cowl on the head and the antenna over the right hand. all ready to duel Vader.

Put on the Web by Jacob Sparre Andersen, 1996.08.07.

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