Star Wars and LEGO

LEGO CAD on Linux
I have written a guide to installing and using LDGLite for viewing building instructions on Linux.

Minifigs created by David J. Oakes

David J. Oakes posted instructions for making Star Wars mini-figures to the Usenet news group I have inserted pictures of the mini-figures in the text.

R2 unit created by Derrick S. Ginter

Derrick has drawn building instructions for his version of the R2 units.

Suggestion for improved Star Wars minifigs

[Anonymous submission] I myself being a fan of both Star Wars and LEGO have created my own star warsish stuff for LEGO. The only thing I have that might help to further improve your SW LEGO figs is a suggestion. On the lightsabers, there is a piece that serves well as a handle. It's a small black thingy with a three point prong on one end and a dot on the other suitable for placing antennas. You can find it with the space parts pack. Also for blades I use the same piece as you except I have a blue one from an old town set and a yellow one from another town set as well as a translucent red one from the old space police and a translucent orange one from aquanauts. Hope this helps.

T.I.E. Interceptor created by Derrick S. Ginter

Derrick has spent a lot of time drawing building instructions for a T.I.E. Interceptor he built.

You can see the instructions as either a sequence of documents or all in one single document (there are 10 images of appr. 40 kb each).

X-Wing created by Derrick S. Ginter

I've got a single drawing of a part of Derrick's X-Wing fighter.

Scythe Squadron

Eric Kingsley is working on a base for a squadron of B-Wings.


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