Swan IV - Engines

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Design and photo: Jacob Sparre Andersen (WWW and e-mail)

Swan IV is powered by three CCE's (compared to two on the earlier swans).

The manouverability has increased considerably, after the two outer engines were mounted on the upper wings, so they can be moved further out from the body.

When the wings swing back (see here), the two outer CCE's are moved closer to the center CCE and creates a boosted interference field behind the ship and gives Swan IV a good extra kick for interplanetary trips.

For HOG's eyes only: You turn the center CCE clockwise for long distance and counter-clockwise for manouverability.

CCE = Common Cone Engine = cone stub with top diameter 10 LU and base diameter 20 LU.

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Jacob Sparre Andersen.

Latest update: 27th of July 2001