Swan IV

[Downloadable image]

[Design and photo: Jacob Sparre Andersen]

This space ship is the result of an evolutionary process that has lasted more than a year and three earlier versions.

On this model, the lower wing slides below the body and the upper wings goes through the body, in contrast to the previous three models, where the lower wings were fixed to the body and the upper wings went through the turning power blocks for the engines.

The cockpit can (still) detach from the ship, but it has been remodeled sligthly. The power block, with it's four engines, is now 20*20*24 LU, and I've put two fixed fins at the front of the cockpit. When it's main wings are inactive they swing forward and fit behind the fins. When the cockpit detaches from the body of the ship, the wings swing back, and makes a curved main wing.

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Latest update: 27th of July 2001