The Swan

LEGO CAD on Linux
I have written a guide to installing and using LDGLite for viewing building instructions on Linux.

The Swan is a one-man swing-wing space ship.

Model 1


Model 2

I put too much volume on this version.

Model 3

Now I've removed much of the bulk from model 2, but it's far from finished.

Swan IV

It works! It works!


T mode is used for long-distance, high-speed travel, since the interaction of the three engines in this closer configuration gives a higher effective propulsion force.

[photo] [photo]

In E mode the engines are spaced further apart. This gives much better manouverability than T mode.


The detatched cockpit.


Cockpit dock.

I decided to change the wing construction, so I wouldn't need two micro motors. I use three conventional cone engines for propulsion (one of them is used to swing the wings).

I've made the cockpit slightly larger, and added a set of front "stabilizers".

The scientific instrumentation consists of a six-knob antennae, and six star field cameras.

I use two tandem accelerators, and a few lasers to scare of bandits.


Design, photos and text:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Latest update:
13th of July 2007