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Press release from Jacob's Space Enterprises, January 10th 2000:

Due to the recent developments in the market for deep space vessels, the board of Jacob's Space Enterprises has decided to start the development of a successor to the Swan class of deep space vessels.

The new class will be named Albatros, and it is likely to share several key features of the Swan class, that many of our costumers have come to like.

"We have plans to improve both the modularity and the swing-wing designs from the Swan significantly" says the chief designer of Jacob's Space Enterprises.

The Albatros class will also be equipped with the DAT drive developed by the late James Jessiman. The DAT drive will make it possible for the Albatros to make light-speed transits. This will be a serious improvement over the UPS drive used in earlier deep space vessels from Jacob's Space Enterprises.


James Jessiman's DAT drive:
Swan class:
This press release:

Development notes

By the chief designer of Jacob's Space Enterprises:

I bought an 6982 class vessel in October 1999 to see if the Exploriens Group had developed any technologies that might threaten our position on the market.

The only really threatening developments from the Exploriens Group appears to be their large number of optical telescopes, but I noticed that they had reinvented the concept of "workspace" on the 6982 class. We expect to license the optical telescope technology from the Exploriens Group, and deliver it packaged with our own Tandem Accelerator Probes and our suite of passive detectors. Already the Swan class was prepared for the addition of workspace in case our costumers might need it, and we plan to deliver at least one workspace module with each Albatros class vessel.

The goal of the Albatros class development team is to design a vessel that can beat the 6982 class from the Exploriens group in any thinkable or unthinkable comparison.

The current design plans include:

Currently we are working on a suitable airlock design for the passageways.


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