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Space ships

LEGO CAD on Linux
I have written a guide to installing and using LDGLite for viewing building instructions on Linux.

Research Warper Complexity

The live space warper Research Warper Complexity has been outfitted to host up to six crewmembers on deep space research missions.

Construction date: January and February 2002.

The Swan

The Swan is a one-man swing-wing space ship with a detachable cockpit. I consider the fourth version (Swan IV) to be the final result.

Construction date: 1995-1996.


This ship was inspired by some space ships from Roger Leloup's stories about Yoko Tsuno.

There are both photos of the ship, and building instructions for it.

Construction date: ?

Black 'n' White

Black 'n' White was actually built as a add-on for a terrain vehicle, but the vehicle wasn't that nice, so the ship has to find some other base.

I've made building instructions for the space ship.

Construction date: ?

Space Ship Hammer

This ship is an (not very successful) experiment with a new wing shape.

Have a look.

Construction date: Spring/summer 1996

Bird-like mini-ship

This ship is one of several experiments with bird-like space ships. The pieces used here comes from two Exploriens sets.

Construction date: Spring/summer 1996

Albatros class

Jacob's Space Enterprises initiated the design of the Albatros class - a potential competitor to the 6982 Exploriens class - January 10th 2000.

Talin 3 (other site)
The craft of a Talin space tourist. Nice, asymmetric, with a comfortable cabin, and a practical scooter.


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