The Wind People

Sometime in 1994 there was a lot of talk about new LEGO themes on Kevin Whitney invented the Wind People, and I've tried to get them some competitors by describing the Thunder People.

Kevin Whitney ( invented The Wind People (article from

The Thunder People

Since then have I been working on a culture that should coexist/compete with the Wind People. I call them the Thunder People (lightening might be more correct, but it doesn't sound as good to me).

The Thunder People catch energy from lightening, by guiding the lightening into betteries (idea partially stolen from Roger Leloup's story Yoko Tsuno: Le feu de Wotan).


Both the Wind People and the Thunder People will need batteries and recharging units for their energy supply.

I would suggest that a battery is a 1*2 tile on a 1*2 plate in the colors of the sub-themes.

When the batteries are recharged (or used) they need to be mounted somehow. A 1*1*2/3 slot in a wall is one possibility. Another recharger could be two "cameras" (used for lights on older cars) next to each other in a wall.

Le feu de Wotan


The Thunder People prefers joint transportation, and the main transportation unit is the tri-rail:

I'm working on some set descriptions, but nothing's ready yet.

New pieces


Jacob Sparre Andersen.

PS: Has anybody read Yoko Tsuno: Le feu de Wotan?

Latest update: 27th of July 2001