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Karim Nassar ( posted the following bit of advice to space ship constructors on

[...] I've been thinking about things a little and I realized that my best stuff comes when I stop thinking about the standard "studs-up" orientation of the bricks (such as the DragonFly instructions on my page). It's kind of like Ender in the Battle School ("the enemy's gate is *down*")... you have to ignore the artificial psychological limitations of gravity, or in this case, Lego bricks :)
This is where I hide my exploration vessels and various experiments with strange wing arrangements. Why a space ship needs wings? Because it looks cool of course.
Some loose ideas for ground-based "space" models. Currently it contains suggestions for a whole new theme called the wind people .
Star Wars
Star Wars minifigures designed by David J. Oakes and building instructions for a T.I.E Interceptor by Derrick S. Ginter.
Footprint Base (other site)
Paul Mison has built a quite nice base in Exploriens style. The names of his vehicles sounds like he appreciates Iain Banks' Culture .


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