Sailboat Daniela
A small sailboat was built by my Italian teacher, Daniela, following my verbal instructions (many of them consisting of No, no, no. Non così.). I designed the boat on the fly, so it is not that complicated a construction.

Bridge building

Have a look at the train cars I used while I was building my suspension bridge.

Bregnerod Bybane

Design and photo: Jacob Sparre Andersen (E-mail, WWW)

Bregnerod Bybane (BB) is the local monorail service in the town Bregnerod. The main difference between the standard monorail cars and the ones used by BB is the width of the cars. BB is using wide-body monorail cars designed by Jacob Sparre Andersen.

A standard module consists of a passenger section, an engine, and a container section.

Bregnerod Bybane is a division of Bregnerod Transit Authority.


A few other places with LEGO trains:

Matt's LEGO Train Depot (other site)
This is probably the most complete information source on LEGO trains on the web.
The Bay Express (other site)
Operating on the Wellington Napier line (and passing Allanton).
RC monorail
Søren Nielsen has created a remote controlled monorail from RC train parts and monorail parts. (The construction requires that you extract the electronics from a RC train motor plate/box.)

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