Brakzand II

Representatives for Bregnerod-trafikken (Bregnerod Transit Authority) have been in Holland to look at possible solutions to local traffic problems. At Brakzand (see "Het monster van de moerplaat") they inspected this small ferry which functions as a part of the main road to Brakzand.

It looks like a good solution to offer a short-cut across Bregnerod Fjord, so it is possible that we will see this kind of ferry in the red-yellow Bregnerod-trafikken colours soon.

With a few cars Empty


LDraw source:
Design and drawings:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
The story "Het monster van de moerplaat" by Henk Kuijpers.
Built and drawn:
February 11th 2001
Latest update:
31st of July 2006