Design: Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Photo: Liselott Nissen

Last Thursday (March 2nd 2000) I had a visit from a photographer that works for a Danish newspaper. They needed some kind of illustration for an interview about LEGO, and I had invited her to visit my laboratory at ÉNS, where I keep my petite French LEGO collection (6452 and 6580).

She wanted some pictures of me building a model, so I took the models I had built from 6580 apart and started working on this catamaran. The interesting thing with the model is the sail which is made up of two 30119 wing pieces.

We talk LEGO boats on Lugnet where I also posted a short message about the model.


Design: Katrine Sparre Andersen.
Photo: Jacob Sparre Andersen (e-mail, WWW).

Katrine did not feel like waiting for Tobias and I to finnish Luna so she built this raft.

It is just wooden barrels, a deck, and a few palm leaves to give shaddow.
From the opposite direction.

Creation date: August 16th 1997.

Small fishing vessel

A small fishing vessel built in the same style as the rowing boat above.

Small pirate ship

Just a small pirate ship Caroline built a long time ago.

Links to other peoples models

Container ship (other site)
This container ship is supposedly a Maersk Line vessel (despite the colours :-).
Bluepeace Protest Boat (other site)
For some reason (pollution in Owhiro Stream? ;-) a Bluepeace boat has shown up in Allanton. You might want to write the mayor and ask him why.
Trawler (other site)
The trawler from Ocean View Fisheries Ltd. seems to be catching more than just tuna fish. Maybe that is the reason for the Bluepeace activities.
Noah's Ark (other site)
Design by Suzanne D. Rich 1997.


There is a discussion group dedicated to LEGO boats on Lugnet.

You are of cause also welcome to write me if you have some comments or suggestions regarding my models (or this website).


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