Cargo Plane

A little story

Out on the plains in the middle of nowhere, a convoy comes rolling down the road ...

The truck leading the convoy could be an unmarked L7733T. The following car looks like a standard airport service car, towing a makeshift cargo. Finally there is a L7733F forklift, whatever it is doing this far away from all loading facilities.

It looks like the convoy is passing some kind of abandoned building along the road ...

No. They're turning off the road.

How can that abandoned building be their goal?

What are they preparing for?

What would you use a ladder for, out in the middle of nowhere?

Hey! It even looks like they are important enough to have their own sattelite watching them.

Zooming ...

Zooming even more ...

It's good they're wearing caps, so the sattelite can't catch their faces clearly.

Is he blocking the road? Are they planning to rob somebody?

Hey! Something's coming!

It looks like a L7734 cargo plane. And then ...

Isn't there something strange about it?

One last picture from the sattelite. If that's a L7734, then it's in a bad state of repair.

It looks like it is a planned meeting.

That's definitely not a L7734, although the designers may have had a look at a L7734, before they built it.

Looks like the cargo hold is empty ...

But then the truck is fully loaded ...

And the forklift is ready to move ...

Meanwhile there's time for a chat ...

Where's our friend going?

Ahh! Somebody has to stow the last few crates by hand.

Now they've loaded five pallets (and a few loose crates) on a plane looking like a L7734. Doesn't the L7734 only take one pallet?

Looks like people are leaving ...

It's always good to bring a cup of tea for a long voyage.

We're packing up ...

And leaving ...

The modified cargo plane

A plain L7734 only carries one pallet. That's not enough for such a big plane. So I converted it to a russian style cargo plane with the wings placed higher on the body. This allows the pallets to slide all the way up to the front of the cargo hold.


Original design:
The LEGO Group
Mark II design:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Latest update:
September 2nd 2009

Next stop: another planes, or something completely different (like my comics)?