LEGO bridges

Parallel Cable-Stayed Bridge

This bridge is at the same time an experiment in building a parallel cable-stayed bridge, and an experiment in building a cable-stayed bridge only using LEGO.

Design and construction
Jacob Sparre Andersen
Construction date
December 2nd 2000
Free span
720 LU (1,15 m)

Slalom bridge

This monorail bridge might not be practical, but it is rather elegant.

Design and construction
Fridolin Okkels
Jacob Sparre Andersen
Construction date
February 1998
Free span
144 LU
Seen from east - with a train on the deck
Seen from east - in level with the deck
The foot of one of the pillars
Seen from above

Walk bridge

This bridge is located close to the City X'ers head quarters. The legs comes from the tower in the newest (in 1995) LEGO town airport.

Cable-stayed bridge

This bridge is shown in three stages:

  1. One tower ~ 1 meter deck
  2. One tower ~ 2 meter deck
  3. Two towers ~ 2 meter deck

My ambition is to build a cable-stayed bridge across my cousins' pool. That would be three to four meter free span.

Here's some of the mess in the living room while we were building.

Some of the train cars used while building the bridge.

Jungle bridge

There's only one shot of this bridge. Notice that some of the arms holding the railing are costum made.


One morning I suddenly figured out how to build a simple bridge with a triangular construction. I had 1*8 plates to support 1008 mm bridge deck.

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