Classic racing car

This early 20th century open racing car was designed to utilise a number of the at that time new rounded LEGO pieces.

Now there are also building instructions (370 kb) for the model. If you have a LDraw compatible program on your system, you can also download the LDraw file with the building instructions (6 kb).


Ready for a little race with style.


Enjoy the beautiful smooth lines of this car. The steering wheel is still somewhat primitive though.


From this angle you can see that the engineers have attempted to reduce the air resistance by adding a tail to the car. It helps a bit, but the invention of the closed cockpit will probably make a larger difference.


The trunk contains an oil can and various tools. You have to remember that this kind of transportation is still somewhat experimental...

I have made building instructions (370 kb) for the car, so you can make one for your own town.


Design, photos, building instructions, image manipulation and text by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Construction date:
Sometime in 1995
Building instructions created:
26th to 29th of September 2001
LDraw source file:
veteranracer.mpd (7648 bytes)
PDF file (3732 kb)
Latest update:
14th of January 2009