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Wide cars

Sailboat Daniela
A small sailboat was built by my Italian teacher, Daniela, following my verbal instructions (many of them consisting of No, no, no. Non così.). I designed the boat on the fly, so it is not that complicated a construction.

Here: [Small open] [Dad's sports car] [Limo] [My sports car]

A small car for two mini-figs

Building instructions:

  1. the bottom
  2. front and rear end
  3. ready for assembly
  4. The finnished car from the left, from above and from the front.

My dad's sports car


My dad and I built this limo, sometime in the summer of 1995.

This series of pictures was shot by a Legoland Times photographer just before she was shot.

Corruption in Legoland Town:

My sports car

This is the third (and at the moment, final) version of a sports car I started to work on in the winter 1994-95, when I bought the yacht club set with two racing boats with removable engines. The first two versions were built in Pittsburgh, and this version was built in Copenhagen in the summer 1995.

Other designers

Have a look at Bram's Diablo. It's a nice sports car that features some innovative details.


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