With a sketch for the small one-man jet Sal Colibri from the comic Yoko Tsuno. There is also a smaller-than-minifig scale fighter.
There are LEGO bridges with a free span from 10 cm to above 1 meter. If you only need a short span, you can throw some beams on pillars, but if you have to span a large gap, a truss bridge, or a suspension bridge is needed.
Roads and streets for your towns and landscapes.
Two companies are competing for the market for small cars that fit on the roadplates. In addition to their products there are a few "wide" cars (30-50 LU) on the market.
Featuring a catamaran I built for an article in a Danish newspaper, and Luna - a sailing ship Tobias and I built in August 1997.
You can't just build a LEGO bridge. We had to create some rolling stock for the construction workers. The first thing they wanted was dining waggons, and then they thought the welding equipment needed wheels too.
There is also an extra wide monorail train from Bregnerod Bybane.


Collected (and mostly designed) by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen
Latest update:
6th of October 2010