LEGO Posters

I have created a few posters featuring LEGO models of my own design. The posters can be downloaded as PDF files in A4 format.

Sal Colibri
This model was inspired by the aircraft Sal Colibri from Roger Leloup's comic Yoko Tsuno. The poster includes some of Leloup's sketches and a strip from the story Le canon de Kra. (The size of the PDF file is 35 Mb)
Classic racing car
This model was created as an experiment using as many of the new, rounded pieces which came out around 1995. The model is a racing car from the beginning of the 20th century. (The size of the PDF file is 4 Mb)
BAe 146 clone
The aircraft on the poster was inspired by the BAe 146, which is used by Atlantic Airways on their routes to the Faroe Islands. The model is the result of trying to use 68 roof pieces for building wings. (The size of the PDF file is 28 Mb)
City X'ers container truck
This model is one of the first in my City X'ers series. The basic rule is that it should be a car no longer than 10 knobs. Since I also wanted to buil a container truck, I had to make an expandable construction. (The size of the PDF file is 5 Mb)
City X'ers ladvogn
Another example of a City X'ers model. Here it is an open lorry with folding sides. (The size of the PDF file is 1 Mb)
City X'ers mail van
The City X'ers series includes this mail van, which is practical for delivering packages in small LEGO towns. (The size of the PDF file is 2 Mb)


Collected by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Latest update:
19th of January 2008