Pier 17

Pier 17 Airport

LDraw source
Sketch for how I imagine the airport could be placed relatively to the pier.

The runway should be printed - or in some other way constructed in a cheaper way than completely from bricks, plates and tiles.


Printed "landscape"
Airport railway station
Bike and bus bridge
Traditional Dutch style opening bridge. It will probably need a bike, a bus and a small sailing boat to gain enough playability points.
Passenger terminal
With a small plane for playability points.
Hovercraft terminal
Hovercraft and landing for passengers coming from the islands off the coast.
Freight terminal?
Is it appropriate with a freight terminal here? It should be for offloading onto trains to make sense.
Maintenance hangar
The walls of the hangar have to be made from some cheap materials (like paper) to keep the cost of this model down. This is also an opportunity to show how technic beams can be used for building skeletons.


Written by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen
Latest update:
21st of August 2001
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