Bus stop from Bregnerod

This bus stop on the west road is similar to those a French company has put up all over Copenhagen lately. It is made from some clear wall/window pieces from a Paradisa set, a few seats, a train window frame, and a few ordinary bricks and plates.

You find these bus stops all over my LEGO towns. Here is another one with the same ads:

Looking SE (53 kb JPEG)

A bus from City X'ers arrives at the bus stop...

Looking NE (38 kb JPEG)

But apparently the girl is waiting for another bus.

Looking SW (36 kb JPEG)

Hey! What were the other two whispering about???

Would you like to return to Bregnerod?


LDraw file:
busstoppested.mpd (needs part number 6059 before it is complete - you can use temp6059.dat as a temporary solution)
Needed pieces:
Check your MyParts account on Peeron for the needed parts
Design by:
Katrine Sparre Andersen (bus stop)
Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk> (bus and scenery)
Text, photos and building instructions by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk>
Latest update:
4th of June 2007