Sailboat Daniela
A small sailboat was built by my Italian teacher, Daniela, following my verbal instructions (many of them consisting of No, no, no. Non così.). I designed the boat on the fly, so it is not that complicated a construction.
This model of the Stengade-Nørrebrogade intersection in Copenhagen was built on request for a Danish TV satire show. It is rather different from most of my models, since there is practically no functional interior in the buildings.
This town is put together from various buildings Katrine and I had built in July 1997. The public services in Bregnerod includes a police station, post office, bus stop, and a monorail service.
Polar base
You might not need a polar base in an average LEGO town, but the helicopter I made for the base can also move passengers in warmer weather.
LEGO fan weekend 2010
Photos from the LEGO fan weekend in Skærbæk in September 2010.
Legoland (Billund, 2006)
This is a collection of pictures from Legoland in Billund in 2006.
Dutch landscape
This is some pictures of the Dutch landscape in Legoland, Billund. It is of cause mostly channels and tulips.
Ed Boxer's Downtown (Other site)
A town with several well-named architectural pearls. (I really envy those who got their names on Ed's buildings.)
Small town
I built this with my sisters (a long time ago). There is a tall wind mill in the middle of the town. (From the lower left corner and clockwise) you see a sailing boat with a dinghy, some houses, a service station, the airport, some racing cars (one on a trailer), a café, a house, a playground, some more houses, and the harbour (two hovercrafts and a ferry).
Datsville (Other site)
Datsville is a cooperative town project with buildings by "architechts" from around the world. Last time I visited Datsville they had just got a new college and a water tower. The mayor didn't have a town hall yet. I hope somebody will build him one.


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