About my LEGO Building Instructions

Some of the models have several options for how you can see the building instructions.

denotes a page you read directly off my Web site. You will normally have to be on-line to see this version. Please notice that you in this case often will have to download large amounts of data.
denotes a Multi Part DAT-file for the program LDraw. If you have installed LDGLite as described on the page LEGO CAD on Linux, then you can simply click on the link to se the building instructions. Otherwise you have to use the program SplitMPD to split the MPD-file into the individual DAT-files for LDraw. You do this with the command
         SplitMPD < themodel.mpd
where themodel.mpd is the name of the MPD-file you have downloaded. When you have splitted the MPD-file you can run LDraw.
denotes a zip archive with finnished building instructions consisting of a HTML file and some images. The archive is unpacked with unzip or pkunzip. When it is unpacked, you can view the instructions with your browser.
denotes a collection of images of the model.


Written by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen
Latest update:
29th of March 2002