LEGO town

Sailboat Daniela
A small sailboat was built by my Italian teacher, Daniela, following my verbal instructions (many of them consisting of No, no, no. Non cosě.). I designed the boat on the fly, so it is not that complicated a construction.

[Downloadable photo of the town]

This LEGO town was built by Katrine, Caroline and I in 1988 (I think).

I built this with my sisters (a long time ago). There is a tall wind mill in the middle of the town. (From the lower left corner and clockwise) you see a sailing boat with a dinghy, some houses, a service station, the airport, some racing cars (one on a trailer), a café, a house, a playground, some more houses, and the harbour (two hovercrafts and a ferry).

I'll claim the credit for the sailing boat (lower left corner), the wind mill (middle), hoover craft (lower right corner) and the red house (behind the white one on the right side).

The white house (next to mine) was definitely built by Caroline (says Katrine).


Design by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Caroline Sparre Andersen
Katrine Sparre Andersen
Written by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
1988 (I think)
First published:
24th of September 1996
Latest update:
11th of July 2007