Three street corners

The assignment was to construct a building to place at an intersection of two streets in a town. Local zoning regulations require shops, cafes or similar activity on the street level, apartments on the upper floors and a maximum building height of three floors (in practice two floors plus sloped roof).

Here are three different solutions under way:

Square Ghost Cafe

The photographer didn't manage to catch the first two solutions properly, but here follows a series of shots showing the development of the third solution.

This building is strongly inspired by Litir, but following the basic idea more closely.

Here the walls of the apartment above the cafe are taking shape:

The gate to the right in the picture is the entrance to the courtyard of the building:

The main entrance to the cafe:

The courtyard. Somehow a very narrow car has managed to squeeze through the gate, which only is designed for bikes and pedestrians.

The beams carrying the roof are taking shape:

A view through a window into the apartment:

A view through the door into the cafe:

Bird's view with the roof (almost) finished:

Bird's eye view of the courtyard with the finished staircase going up to the apartment (more about that later; the buildings inspector didn't like it):

The finished facade:

Now the furniture for the cafe has started arriving. Here we see a part of the bar through the door to the terrace:

Here we get the builder's view of the bar and the shelves behind it:

Now the costumers are arriving:

The waiter brings out a menu:

More costumers:

The gate to the courtyard has been left open:

The courtyard:

Now the roof is properly finished. Bird's eye view:

At this point the buildings inspector decided to show up. He didn't like our staircase very much. Too large risk of banging you head into the stairs above he said.

After some discussions, the architect proposed a safer staircase:

The buildings inspector approved the new design, so it was put in place of the old one:

The furnishings for the kitchen have arrived and the master of the house is testing the stove:

The view from above the kitchen towards the living-room corner:

The bedroom at the far end of the apartment:

The living-room corner:

Outside view showing the skeleton in the tower:

Dining table next to the kitchen:

Drawing table:

Bird's eye view with a part of the roof-construction removed:


Katrine Sparre Andersen, Stig Rejnholt Andersen and Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Construction date:
September 8th to September 11th 2005
Latest update:
September 12th 2005