Phone Box and Bus Stops (other site)
I found this phone box and these two bus stops in Allanton. Both of the bus stops are good high capacity alternatives to Katrines design.
Ed Boxer's Downtown (other site)
A town with several well-named architectural pearls. (I really envy those who got their names on Ed's buildings.)
Small town
I built this with my sisters (a long time ago). There is a tall wind mill in the middle of the town. (From the lower left corner and clockwise) you see a sailing boat with a dinghy, some houses, a service station, the airport, some racing cars (one on a trailer), a café, a house, a playground, some more houses, and the harbour (two hovercrafts and a ferry).
Allanton N.Z. (other site)
Allan's designs give many good ideas. Anybody want a bit of exercise in the King Kong Klub health & fitness centre?
Bregnerod Power System
The source for power plants for your LEGO towns.
Two companies are competing for the market for small cars that fit on the roadplates. In addition to their products there are a few "wide" cars (30-50 LU) on the market.
With a sketch for the small one-man jet Sal Colibri from the comic Yoko Tsuno. There is also a smaller-than-minifig scale fighter.
I don't like all those one-piece animals LEGO sells us, so I have collected ideas for building some animals.
There are LEGO bridges with a free span from 10 cm to 1 m. If you only need a short span, you can throw some beams on pillars, but if you have to span a large gap, a truss bridge, or a suspension bridge is needed.
You can't just build a LEGO bridge. We had to create some rolling stock for the construction workers. The first thing they wanted was dining waggons, and then they thought the welding equipment needed wheels too.
There is also an extra wide monorail train from Bregnerod Bybane (a division of Bregnerod Transit Authority).
At the moment there is only a few photos of Luna. A sailing ship Tobias and I built in August 1997.
This town is put together from various buildings Katrine and I had built in July 1997. The public services in Bregnerod includes a police station, post office, bus stop, and a monorail service. The public transportation system in Bregnerod is managed by Bregnerod Transit Authority.
Datsville (other site)
Datsville is a cooperative town project with buildings by "architechts" from around the world. Last time I visited Datsville they had just got a new college and a water tower. The mayor didn't have a town hall yet. I hope somebody will build him one.
Museum of Modern Art (other site)
Take a tour of this nice collection of paintings, sculptures, and collages.
Polar base
You might not need a polar base in an average LEGO town, but the helicopter I made for the base can also move passengers in warmer weather.
San Dilego (other site)
City guide to the costal city of San Dilego.
Building a fence (other site)
This strip from Irregular webcomic shows how to build a fence. — Or at least how to place the first post.


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