Viking Shipyard

I built this viking shipyard for an exhibition arranged by Byggepladen.

The crew I collected for the shipyard. (And maybe also for manning the longship once it is ready.)


The longship shows the first bits of its shape. (I'm impressed that the keel can balance on its own.)

2009-09-23 2009-09-23

It looks like somebody wants duck for dinner.


Before the trees can be used for planks, somebody has to remove the bark.


The complete shipyard as presented at the exhibition in Høje Tåstrup:


On the right side, the river flows slowly past the shipyard with a few ducks. In the upper left corner somebody has felled a tree, and a bit closer to the river, another guy is cutting the branches of a felled tree. In the lower left corner we see the edge of a vegetable garden and an apple plantation. To the right of the apple trees, a viking is busy cutting a trunk into planks, while another is removing the bark from a trunk. Closer to the river, three vikings are having dinner at a small fire.


Design, photo and text by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>.
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