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I have written a guide to installing and using LDGLite for viewing building instructions on Linux.
Caesar's balcony
This picture shows Caesar's raised balcony from the inside of the arena.
Rear view
In this rear view of the balcony, you see how the sections are hinged to form a reasonable approximation of a round constructions.
Romans have always enjoyed good entertainment (and it kept them from over-throwing the Emperor).
Lion food
It's just like when you go to the zoo. Here the lions are eating.

What is missing

This model is still missing a lot of features from the original Colloseum. I will try to list some of them. Please write me if you have built some of these models, of if you get more ideas than those listed here.

Lion's cage(s)

Arranging Colloseum as LEGO sets

Colloseum would be much too big a set if you wanted to make it a bit realistic, but splitting it up in these sets might help:

With Caesar's balcony, some seats for the populous, and two gladiators.
Cage with lions, food for the lions (a person), even more seats. Maybe this is the set where Caesar's balcony really belongs.
A few gladiators, seats above the gladiators' entrance to the arena.

The problem with including Caesar's balcony in a set is that it doesn't add much play value to a set (or does it?).

More about Colloseum

Another model
Erik Wilson has also built a LEGO model of Colloseum.


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13th of July 2007