Race track

The design of this race track is partially inspired by drawings in the comic Astèrix and the final scenes of the movie Ben-Hur (1939 edition).

Horse, cart and driver

[side view]

[side view]

Overview of the track

Just a plain ordinary white LEGO horse.

The spectators' view
This picture was taken from the seats of black team's fans. Apparently the white guy is catching up on the black driver.

This is one of the two statues at the ends of the track. I substituted the 1x2 brick in the hind legs with a hinged 1x2 brick to make the horse rear.

Some empty seats. All the seats at the track consists of modules of this kind.

You can also download the LDraw files for the models. Feel free to send me any modifications you make to the models, so I can include them here.


Building instructions:
PDF file (2.3 Mb)
LDraw MPD file (28 kb)
Required pieces:
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Design by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk>
Building instructions by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk>
Photos by:
Jacob Sparre Andersen <jacob@sparre-andersen.dk>
Latest update:
18th of March 2007