Astèrix' Village

LEGO CAD on Linux
I have written a guide to installing and using LDGLite for viewing building instructions on Linux.

These models were built by Henrik Christian Grove, Peter Makholm and me, when I arranged a "LEGO weekend" 2001.01.20-21.

We had most of my collection of Astèrix' stories - and the book about the stories - out to find authoritative sources for the look of the village. We decided to limit our building to the area around Troubadurix' (the bard) house, so neither Asterix' nor Obelix' house is included.


Henrik Christian Grove
Peter Makholm
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
Hans Schou <>
Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
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Jacob Sparre Andersen <>
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19th of March 2008