Outer space
This includes science fiction themes, such as Star Wars and Kevin Whitney's Wind PeopleThe most popular of my own space models seem to be the space ship Swan IV (I am working on the building instructions), followed by the space ship Ryu.
Ancient Times
Suggestions for models from the time of the Roman Empire. My model of Colloseum looks like it is quite popular despite the low quality of the photos.
Some small cars and trucks designed to match the ordinary road-plates, experimental trains, the sailing ship Luna, various aircraft, a cable stayed bridge, and other bridges.
Photos and some building instructions for everything you need to build a present day LEGO town. Furniture, a gallery, a newsagent, several houses, ...
Suggestions for how to build various animals in LEGO.
Building Instructions
A list of the building instructions available on this web site.
Posters (PDF files) with some of my own LEGO models. I collect sketches, photos and drawings from the building instructions on the posters.
The Minifig World Tour
An overview page for globetrotting minifigs. Now and then a couple of minifigs pack their suitcase and go globetrotting. I try to keep track of where the have been.
About LEGO
Various information about LEGO. Other things than models constructed with LEGO bricks.
Occasionally I put together bigger settings. It can for example be a town, an intersection in a big city or a polar base. It is also here I keep my photos from Legoland and other big LEGO expositions.

Under development
This is where you find information about building projects that still are in progress, or only ideas. There are also descriptions of the evolution of some of my creations.
Time Controllers
They are the guardians of time in my LEGO universes. Strongly inspired by one of the Spirou et Fantasio stories.
Just a single model at the moment.
Legoland Times
An experiment with news from the world of the minifigs.
Unexpected use of LEGO
With an UNHCR ad.
Reference section
With pictures from Legoland and from LEGO exhibitions.
My LEGO CAD toolbox
Programs for making drawings of LEGO models.
Advent calendar
Some years I make an advent calendar with building instructions for some LEGO models. They are collected here.

Cool LEGO Site of the Week
March 2nd to 8th, 1997

Description from Cool LEGO Site of the Week:
Simply put, this is a cool all-around LEGO® fan site. There's really too much here to describe in a paragraph or two, so I recommend just picking a direction and following it. Some highlights you might want to keep an eye out for are the Star Wars index page, the Trains page, the Jungle Bridge, the amazing Houses and Furniture pages, and if you're into Space creations, also don't miss Jacob's Ryu, Black and White, and Swan models, as well as his numerous wing design experiments. In the reference section, you can also find pictures of many historical LEGO® sets in catalogs.

[Reprinted with permission from Todd Lehman]


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